20 April 2013

let's meet the panel

i picked up a big lot of dodger oddballs a while back, and still haven't really finished cataloging the haul.  there were a couple of multi-card panels/stickers in the bunch that will likely remain unsullied in my collection.

this is a 1987 stuart superstars panel featuring pedro guerrero, fernando valenzuela, and mike marshall
that's marshall the voltigeur, not marshall the lanceur.  actually, it may well have been marshall the champ droit, since he played mostly right field, although only petey gets the specific outfield designation.  i don't know that i have seen specific outfield positions on cards in french before.

here's guerrero again, this time sharing space with former teammate lee lacy on a 1987 o-pee-chee sticker panel

lacy looks amazed at how small guerrero has become.

this last one is a 1996 panini sticker panel featuring roger cedeno, chad fonville, and hideo nomo

there aren't enough chad fonville cards, in my opinion.

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