03 April 2013

some through the mail successes - three world series guys and one other guy

i realized the other day when i was posting about a pat neshek through the mail success that i had let almost two years pass without showcasing the cards that former dodger mike marshall (not former dodger dr. mike marshall) signed for me via the us postal service.

this is the 1985 topps card that i sent to neshek for his set pursuit
is nice.  i also received from the former pcl triple crown winner a 1989 fleer base
and world series insert card signed.
it's a weird card in that the 'one swing' the text refers to was marshall's three-run home run in the third inning of game 2 of the 1988 world series which gave the dodgers a 5-0 lead, but the photo is from his triple later in the game which didn't drive in any runs.  that's the oakland third baseman carney lansford applying a (late) tag.

just over a year later, marshall was on the move to new york, as this 1990 o-pee-chee card demonstrates.
i kinda miss writing about o-pee-chee variations.

here's another dodger from that 1988 world series team that signed some cards for me a while back.  game 1 starter tim belcher signed and returned a 1992 topps card
plus a 1989 topps card
and a 1989 fleer world series card of his own
again, the card is odd in that the photo comes from his game 4 start in oakland, but the text is referring to his game 1 start at home in dodger stadium.  at least that's the way i read it.

this next guy was in line to get the series mvp award if orel hershiser hadn't been so dominating.  here's a 1981 fleer mickey hatcher card signed by the stuntman himself
mickey also signed a 1989 o-pee-chee world series highlight card
isn't it a shame that fleer and o-pee-chee had world series highlights in their set, but topps did not?  yes, it is a shame.  here's another card that mickey signed - a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams card
i am kind of tired of writing about these timeless teams cards, to tell the truth.  i do like the set, it's just that i've been very busy with a lot of other things that i must and/or have chosen to do instead of updating the blog.  i will finish that blog before the all-star break, though.  back to mickey - 1980 was hatcher's second year with the dodgers, but it was also his last - for a while.  he was sent to the twins prior to the 1981 season for ken landreaux - the guy who caught the last out of the 1981 world series.  hatcher wasn't the only dodger to be sent to minnesota in the early 1980's, though.

there was also this guy - bobby mitchell - who signed his 1982 fleer card for me
mitchell had a total of two hits as a dodger before he was dealt to the twins in the bobby castillo trade prior to the 1982 season.  he did not appear in the 1981 postseason, unfortunately.  mitchell did spend 1982 as the twins' primary center fielder (replacing hatcher in that regard), achieving career highs in pretty much every category.  i sent this card to him when he was managing in salt lake city a couple of years ago.  mitchell is currently a roving minor league instructor for the angels, i believe.

thanks to these former dodgers for signing my cards!

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