26 April 2013

almost sticker time! gcrl group break team randomization!

the box of 1983 fleer stickers is here and it is opened!  here's what it looks like pre-break.
 here it is in its sealed glory, although i don't believe that's a factory seal
let's find out who gets which unclaimed teams.  first, here are the 13 participants - in randomized order
 now, here are the unclaimed teams, also in randomized order
so, the randomized teams are distributed as follows:

cubs - hot corner
rangers - angels in order
yankees - waxaholic
reds - dick allen hof
twins - sportscards from the dollar store
royals - madding
padres - sportscards from the dollar store
expos - dick allen hof
brewers - matt r
mariners - angels in order
a's - david
red sox - matt r
pirates - gcrl
i'll open the packs and give a pack-by-pack rundown over the weekend.  looking forward to it!


The Angels In Order said...

I'm really excited about this one!

Captain Canuck said...

I'll send payment in a few...

and I'll swap the Yankees for the Red Sox if someone is interested...