13 April 2013

it's a wash

it's been a while since i wrapped up my 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update set of cards that should i have been.  i was happy with most of the cards, but some, like ron washington's, were not as nice as i would have liked due to the dearth of color photos available for some players.  but then i was made aware a while back of some actual color photos of washington as a dodger, so here then are two versions of the 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update ron washington card that should have been.
i think i like the second one the best - dodger stadium action is always nice.

wash is, of course, the current manager of the rangers, and he is a good ttm signer.  i sent him a copy of the card i created prior to finding the above photographs, and he signed it for me.
remember, that's just his 1982 topps traded card modified (poorly) to show him as a dodger.  he also signed his 1984 donruss card
and his 2007  topps card.
i might someday get around to printing and sending him a copy of the 'new' 1978 customs to sign.  maybe.

thanks wash for signing my cards!

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Rob C said...

Those new Washington customs are sweet! Especially love the second one.