01 April 2013

i see opening day

no foolin'!  it's opening day, although hanley ramirez won't be playing.
i received my 2013 topps opening day team set the other day, and it included three ramirez cards - that ballpark fun insert above, his base card,
and a play hard insert
hanley played a little too hard in the wbc and hurt his thumb.  as a result, we get a couple of months of luis cruz and justin sellers at short, with juan uribe and maybe nick punto at third.  yikes.

matt kemp also got his fair share of cards in the set, including a play hard insert
a ballpark fun insert
a superstar celebration insert
and an opening day stars insert
it's too bad there was no card to celebrate raul mondesi's extra innings walk-off in the 1999 home opener.

the last of the inserts belongs to adrian gonzalez, who also was included in the opening day stars insert set
one of the cards i was most interested in seeing was carl crawford's
i hope topps does better in series 2 of the flagship.

here's hoping the dodgers can beat the nocals and make it a wire to wire first place finish in the west.

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