23 April 2013

here are some double plays on cards from scott crawford on cards

i saved some cards from the recycle bin recently, via scott crawford on cards.  i asked him to send me the 1998 fleer ultra cards that were destined for donation or recycling or worse, and there were a few dp turns in the bunch.

here we have vinny castilla upending delino deshields
craig biggio getting a feel from scott servais
and jay bell turning two (and the tables) on omar vizquel
scott also offered up a bunch of junk-era cards, and as luck would have it, i had recently determined a few cards that i needed from that timeframe.  

here's a 1992 topps greg gagne
a 1991 topps jerry browne
and a mess of 1990 score - gagne again
double play master walt weiss
steve lyons
jose lind
ozzie guillen
tom foley
wally backman
and johnny ray
awesome stuff.   i also picked up a 1989 topps yankees leaders card featuring willie randolph and an angel entangled in the double play turn
not all of the cards i requested were of the double play variety - this 1991 topps bob geren card features a lurking dodger - juan samuel to be exact
thanks for the trade scott!

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