14 September 2009

davey lopes through the mail success!

times two! the dodgers' long time second baseman signed and returned his base card
and the nlcs card in just 10 days back in april! i feel very fortunate to have received these, as i have seen posts indicating that recent ttm requests sent to davey c/o the phillies are being returned to sender.

it was strange seeing davey return to dodger stadium wearing a phillies uniform in the nlcs last year, although my senses have been dampened by seeing him in an a's, cubs, astros, padres and brewers uniform over the years. still, i think of him as a dodger first and foremost. there's not much to say other than davey was a big part of my early fandom, and i am grateful to him for signing these cards.

these are the 15th and 16th pieces in my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project.

here's the tally:

16/29 = 55%

thanks davey!

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