01 April 2013

well, that was all sorts of awesome

despite having to switch over to espn2 (thanks red sox and yankees for once again taking way longer than 3 hours to complete a game), i enjoyed seeing the dodgers on tv today.  maury wills, tommy davis, tommy lasorda, orel hershiser, and sandy koufax with a little vin scully thrown in by the espn folks was also great to see, as was the renovated stadium.

i noticed that the back walls of the bullpens are no longer covered in greenery, and that the low fences in the right and left field corners now look like shorter versions of the regular outfield fence instead of the railing that used to be along the foul territory, and i was somewhat disappointed to see the advertisements back on the outfield wall.  regardless, the place looked great and it seemed to be rockin'.

and how about clayton kershaw today?
that was as close to a one man show as i think i have ever seen.  i'm not concerned about the offense. yet.  we'll see how they do tomorrow and go from there.


night owl said...

Even awesomer: I got the free MLB Extra Innings preview and listened to Vin the whole game. Here on the east coast.

The best part was when Vin called Sandoval fat in the most inoffensive way possible.

gcrl said...

i didn't even think to check the ei preview. i bought the package when i first moved to the midwest just to hear vinny call some of the games. i might have to do that again this year.

unclemoe said...

Great way to start the season.

Roy-Z said...

Perfect Opening Day game. Just awesome. I was so happy watching this one, and I had nothing riding on it.