29 April 2013

what do you call cards that don't belong to you?

nacho cards.  yes, the joke works better when you ask 'what do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you?' because then the answer of 'nacho cheese' makes sense.  what i am trying to say here is that these cards came to me from chris at nachos grande, and that they do belong to me.  i picked them up in his 2013 topps tribute group break.

for my money i received a sandy koufax card
and an andrew mccutcheon card
i was a big fan of tribute when it first came out in 2001 - i am a sucker for all things retired numbers - but i don't buy packs/boxes of it anymore.  very happy to have a koufax instead of, say, a hanley ramirez.

i just need to figure out what to do with mccutcheon.

thanks for hosting chris!

1 comment:

Fuji said...

You actually got a chuckle out of me... which is much appreciated after a rough day in the classroom.