23 July 2011

no line on the horizon

the show is tonight!  i'm looking forward to it.  based on recent setlists, it should be a pretty good show.  only a couple songs from their latest album 'no line on the horizon'.  what does that mean?  i'll interpret it (for the purposes of this post) as 'no end in sight'.  u2 released nloth in 2009, which is when manny was being manny on the ineligible list.
i'm picking on manny even though the real dodger equivalent to no end in sight is frank mccourt.  thankfully there are no frank mccourt cards (although i believe he is lurking in the jim thome card featured in this post) and manny has kind of come to symbolize the mccourt ownership:  we were warned against it, we bought into it, we celebrated its success, and now we feel dirty about it.  just like manny's time in la.

although there is no end in sight to mccourt's ownership thanks to what will likely be years of legal wrangling, i am hoping for the best.

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