01 July 2011

happy canada day

the only canadian on the dodgers' roster today is pitcher blake hawksworth.  sadly, topps doesn't make too many cards of middle relievers (where's my matt guerrier card?) so i'll have to use a card of the dodgers most recent non-blake hawksworth canadian, russell martin.  here he is on what i believe to be a 2009 bowman draft picks and prospects chrome wbc card
in the bronx this year, martin's slugging percentage is up, but his average is down.  his war is also less than half of last year's dismal 1.8, but he will be heralded as to be having "an all-star" season because of joe mauer's injury and by virtue of playing in a city where most voters seem to be knee jerk yankee backers.

more power to him, i suppose.

in other news, i once spent a canada day in the fantastic city of ottawa and enjoyed myself quite a bit.  i have not been in dc for the fourth of july (i have been as close as baltimore, however) so i don't know how our capitol stacks up, but the best fireworks show i have ever seen was also in canada - at butchart gardens in bc.

voici a vous, canada.  i stand on guard for thee, eh.

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Tony said...

Thanks, same to you for Monday!!