13 July 2011

under a blood red sky

u2's 4th album was a live record (from multiple shows) called under a blood red sky.  given it's iconic cover, the obvious dodger card to showcase in this post is the 1953 topps bobby morgan (my copy is signed)
or perhaps this 1991 topps archives 1953 carl erskine
but, since the album came out in the fall of 1983 and featured only 8 songs (short and sweet, just like the 1983 nlcs against the phillies), it's more appropriate to show this, a 1983 kellogg's pedro guerrero.
that's because the dodgers' blood red sky that fall were the skies of philadelphia, and the card features a photo from some nondescript multi-purpose stadium like the vet.  the first two games of the series were played in los angeles, and the dodgers managed to win game 2 after losing game 1 on a 1st inning mike schmidt solo shot.  once in philly, they lost two straight by the score of 7-2 and the series was over.  guerrero, who had been the dodgers' offensive leader all year, managed just 3 hits and 2 rbi in the 4 game series.  dusty baker was the only dodger with more than 4 hits in the series as the phillies pitchers pretty much shut the big blue wrecking crew redux down.

speaking of which, i've since wondered if this 1984 fleer steve carlton card
features a photo from game 1 of the series.  carlton threw 7 shutout innings against the dodgers in game 1 at dodger stadium, outdueling jerry reuss who really only made that one mistake on the pitch to schmidt.  unfortunately, there is no way to tell one way or the other whether or not the photo is from the nlcs unless game 1 was played at night, but i can't seem to find that info anywhere.

carlton also pitched in the decisive fourth game, which took place on saturday october 8.  still, i'll quote 'sunday bloody sunday' and say, as i did that day, 'i can't believe the news today.  i can't close my eyes and make it go away.'  for the first time in my lifetime, and for the first time ever, the dodgers had made it to the postseason and failed to advance to the world series.

i'll end this post with "40"
just like the album.

how long to sing this song?

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