24 July 2011


the u2 show last night was magnificent.  oddly enough, they didn't play that song, one of the few that i would have recognized from their latest album.  it rained, poured, and thundered, but that just added to the experience.  easily in the top 3 u2 shows i have been to, even though the last song they did, 'moment of surrender' was kind of a buzzkill.  the song before that was 'with or without you' which has always been better live, especially when they do that 'shine like stars' part at the end.  unfortunately, i don't think they have done that part since the early 90's, and they didn't do it last night.

they gave the obligatory shout-out to amy winehouse, and at times sang verses from 'rain', 'singing in the rain' and 'purple rain' - a nod to the favored funk son of the twin cities.  no mockery of michele bachman, though.  bono must be slipping.

anyway, i figured i should show off some magnificent cards, but instead, i'll give you the garvey cey russell and lopes cards that have been in my scanned folder the longest, some going back to october of '08 around when i started this thing.

the garvey card is appropriate.  it's a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams memorable moments
the cey is from 2001 upper deck decade 1970's, and it features dodger stadium and is the cey card in my blog header
 the russell is from the same set as the cey, which is kind of a poor man's 1975 topps
davey lopes takes us north of the border with his 1981 o-pee-chee
they shine like 'vedettes' in the summer night...

ok, no more u2 after this.  back to some cards that should have been tomorrow.

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