03 July 2011

here are some 'mount everest' through the mail successes!

not the 'tallest mountain in the world, many die to obtain' type of mount everest ttm successes, but more like the 'because they were there' ttm successes.  these are players who really have no connection to the dodgers, 1978 topps, or any other primary facet of my collection, but are good ttm signers and i partook of their generosity.

first up is mark grace.  i did, in fact, send a 1989 donruss card to grace, and he did, in fact, sign it and return it to me.
i thanked him in my letter for getting that hit off of mariano rivera in the 2001 world series to get the rally going in game 7.  maybe that's why he swapped my 1991 topps card with this 2003 upper deck mvp card
i do like the card though, because the photo looks like it could have come from that game in 2002 where grace took the mound in a dodgers' blowout and did his mike fetters impression.  thanks gracie!

next up is mike mussina, who signed his 1992 topps card
and a 2004 playoff honors card
i sent both of those cards to mussina shortly after he retired.  i did enjoy following his career, maybe a little less so when he went to the yankees, and was happy that he finally won 20 games, especially since he was on my fantasy team that year.  thanks moose!

i had a previous success with larussa, but found this 1981 topps double and sent it on
i also included a 1988 topps card
but did not give him grief over the world series of that year.  thanks tony!

another guy i had previous success with, and was very happy about, is frank tanana.  and, like larussa, i found this 1981 topps (traded) double lying around and sent it off to the lefty
 along with a 1984 fleer
 and a 1991 topps
thanks frank!


MattR said...

Mark's impression of Mike Fetters was really funny.

Tony said...

Very quality returns