08 July 2011

dick williams through the mail success!

by now you know that former dodger and hall of fame manager dick williams passed away yesterday.  my thoughts are with his family, but i have been meaning to show the card that he kindly signed for me since i received it in the mail a couple of months ago.  it's his 1953 topps card, inscribed with his hof induction year
williams was known to be a good ttm signer (for a $25 fee) and i finally picked up a second copy of his 1953 masterpiece at a show in april with the intent of having him sign it.  i'm glad i did.

even though he won pennants with three different teams, and two world championships with the oakland a's in the early 1970's, i remember him as the manager of the expos thanks to his 1978 topps card.  later, i came to know him, thanks to 'the boys of summer', as the dodger player who coined the term 'mawdicker' as a means to cuss out the umpire without being ejected as one would be if they used the more traditional 'mf-er' term.

here's to dick williams, may he rest in peace.

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