14 July 2011

the unforgettable fire

when u2's 5th album the unforgettable fire came out in october of 1984, the dodgers had just completed a very forgettable season.  they finished four games under .500 and in 4th place in the nl west.  the padres, of all teams, had won the west by 12 games over the astros and braves.  anyway, i remember listening to the record around it's release and loving it's ethereal quality and the depth of most of the songs. it was (and is) a good album top to bottom.

i thought about showing a steve garvey card from 1984 in this post, since he was still alive and well in the postseason when the album was released, and he certainly had my attention at the time.  in fact, he was busy winning his second nlcs mvp award and leading the padres to the world series for the first time.  however, i remember seeing an interview with bono when the record came out wherein he talked about people that had 'the unforgettable fire' (even though the band apparently took inspiration for the album title from an art exhibit comemmorating the hiroshima bombing).  in that interview, he listed martin luther king and elvis presley among people who exhibited whatever strength, perserverance and drive that inspired him.  so, for the dodgers, that would mean jackie robinson
it's a roundabout way to post a 2001 upper deck legends card of jackie, but it works for me.

as for the album, or cassette as it were for me, it was instantly shoved into the boom box at home and my parents' car on the road and enjoyed until it wore out and i had to buy another one. 

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