09 July 2011

you're fired!

frankly, i'm surprised it took this long for frank mccourt to send dodger legend steve garvey packing. 
garvey was fired yesterday from his position with the dodgers in marketing and community outreach for what essentially amounts to insubordination, i suppose.  garvey was making plans to attempt to purchase the team should they be put up for sale, although he was very clear about them not being for sale...yet.  according to the la times, the dodgers put some parameters on what garvey could say about the ownership situation, and he appeared to keep within those agreed upon boundaries.  still, he was canned.

as far as i know, ron cey is still employed in a role similar to what garvey's had been, and davey lopes is, of course, on the payroll after a near 30-year absence.  as for the rest of the infield, it is widely believed that bill russell has been blackballed by tommy lasorda and now garvey joins him on the outside looking in.  i hope this doesn't mean more garvey padres cards in the future.

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