19 July 2011


released in july 1993, zooropa is one u2 album that i do not own. i bought it, i am pretty sure, when it came out as u2 had earned 'buy first, listen later' status with me after i heard war for the first time. this one got traded in at the used record shop pretty quickly, however. as such, i'm not too familiar with a lot of the songs on the album. i know 'numb' and 'stay (faraway so close!)' is pretty good, but the rest are lost on me. kind of like the 1993 dodgers. cory snyder, jody reed, steve wilson, rick trlicek, tom goodwin (the first time around).
they were all dodgers in '93, and i was at least somewhat aware of the fact, despite however uneventful their dodger tenures were. but i have no recollection of john desilva, kip gross, jerry brooks, or rod nichols as dodgers.

the day after the album dropped, the dodgers played in philadelphia and it took 20 innings before the phillies emerged victorious. the dodgers tied the game in the top of the 9th thanks to some wildness from mitch williams and, of all things, an eric karros infield single with the bases loaded. later, rod nichols, in one of his 4 appearances as a dodger, relieved ricky trlicek in the bottom of the 20th inning. the dodgers had taken a 6-5 lead in the top of the inning but trlicek allowed two singles to open the bottom of the frame. nichols allowed a third phillie to get on base on a botched sacrifice bunt before getting the first out of the inning, but then gave up a walk-off ground rule double to lenny dykstra. trlicek, who had pitched 4 scoreless innings in relief before the 20th inning, was saddled with the loss.

my ambivalence towards the 81-81 1993 dodgers (except for the arrival of mike piazza) doesn't extend to their cards or ttm attempts.  here are some tricky ricky trlicek cards i was fortunate enough to have him sign and return - 1994 score
1994 topps
and 1992 donruss the rookies (as a blue jay)
thanks rick.

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