11 July 2011


day 2 of the countdown means 12 days 'til u2 at the bank...

october was their second album, and it was essentially about god.  coincidentally, it was released in october of 1981, just as i was praying to the baseball gods for the dodgers to finally beat the yankees in the world series.  this is hands down my favorite u2 album.  'rejoice', 'october', 'i fall down' and 'tomorrow' are all good songs, but my favorite track is 'is that all?'  it's a pretty simple song, but then again, it's a pretty simple question.

i wasn't aware of u2 in october of 1981.  my focus was on the dodgers and their postseason quest that went through houston and into montreal for the nlcs.  i was at lunch recess in elementary school listening to the broadcast of game 5 on a coca-cola transistor radio when rick monday took steve rogers deep.  pandemonium ensued.  here is the moment captured beautifully (with a lurking pedro guerrero on deck) on a 1982 dodgers police card
then, nine days later, my prayers were answered when steve howe (in his fourth inning of work!) got bob watson to fly out to kenny landreaux, giving the dodgers their first title of my lifetime.  here is another card from that 1982 dodgers police set with howe, steve yeager, steve garvey and steve sax celebrating.
a world series championship.  that was all i wanted.  it was (and is) an october to remember.


MattR said...

We were watching that playoff game in my sophomore English class. There were only two of us who wanted the Expos to win that one. Bummer of a moment for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

My entire Grade 6 class was shuffled off to a utility room to watch that game on TV. It was the subject of a post a month or so back.