17 July 2011

rattle and hum

6 more days 'til u2.  6 albums after today to draw parallels to with baseball cards.

'rattle and hum', an album with live tracks, new songs, and some odd fillers came out on october 10, 1988.  do you know what else happened on 10/10/88? the dodgers beat the mets in game 5 of the nlcs to take a 3 games to 2 lead in the series thanks in part to a 3-run home run by kirk gibson, that's what.  five days later, gibson took dennis eckersley deep in game 1 of the world series.
you may have heard about it.

if i may take some poetic license with 'bullet the blue sky':

in the socal wind
comes a rattle and hum
gibson wrestled the closer
and the closer was overcome

good times, even though i didn't see the movie until it was out on vhs.  remember vhs?

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