04 March 2010

the flying dutchman delivers, unlike the georgia peach

last year i bought a topps cereal box in pursuit of the jackie robinson shiny insert.  i passed on a box with jackie's picture on it, figuring that would be too obvious, and picked a ty cobb box.  that box had the ty cobb shiny insert.  go figure.  this year, i skipped lou gehrig and went for honus wagner.
let's see how he does.

there were 3 or 4 twins in the first few cards, but not much else to be excited about.  then there was the a's franchise history rickey henderson card, which is not too bad
my first dodger of the box, sort of.  russell martin lurking on matt holliday's card.
hey it's a million card giveaway thingy.
let's see what i get....
could have been worse.

now the good stuff starts - golden jim thome
pretty sure that's dodger owner (or part owner, depending upon who you believe) frank mccourt just next to thome's right shin.

another russell martin as lurker sighting, this time on randy wolf's card
a couple of years ago, this would have been a 'classic combo' card

i don't know about anyone else, but i am pretty tired of this pose for manny's cards.  it seems to be the only type of photo that gets used.  i'm too lazy to provide proof, but believe me, we've seen it before.

here's the last card of the box (immediately preceded by an aki iwamura photoshop job).  it's vladdy!
mercifully left in his angels garb as opposed to an airbrushed rangers uni.  that's what series 2 is for, right?

finally, the individually wrapped card.  whaddaya know?!? mission accomplished!

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dogfacedgremlin said...

I think the "Manny" pose is used so much because it's the only one that shows his dreads flying in the wind, making him look like some kind of medusa/hydra combo monster.