22 July 2011

he was good at pinching it, can he coach it?

the dodgers named a new hitting coach the other day - double dipper and pinch-hitter extraordinaire dave hansen.

hitting coach has to be one of the crappiest jobs in the big leagues.  if guys are hitting, then they are doing what they are paid to do.  if guys aren't hitting, the coach takes the fall.  i hope the dodger offense gets going and dave earns some kudos.

he was kind enough to sign and return some cards for me earlier this spring.  here's a 1993 topps
 and a 1995 topps from his first stint with the dodgers.
 he also signed a 2001 topps from his second go 'round with the team.
thanks dave, and good luck.  just tell 'em to hit 'em where they ain't!

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