02 July 2011

loneys from heaven

i have been lax in doing trade posts this year.  it's not because i don't appreciate the cards that have come in to my possession, it's more laziness on my part.  with the year half over, it's time to get busy posting about trades.  here are some cards i received from cardboard heaven a while back

the main card of the trade was this 2003 bowman james loney autograph
james was just a kid in 2003, and the dodgers brought in fred mcgriff to man first after trading eric karros to the cubs.  add in a transplanted shawn grene, a season of hee seop choi, and a year of nomar, and you get to big game james in dodger first base lineage.  here he is all grown up on a 2010 bowman chrome card
i also received a 2005 topps updates & highlights matt kemp card
at one of the dodger/twins games this week, a guy in front of me was touting kemp as the next triple crown winner.  i think it is possible, though not likely, but wonder whether that guy bothered to vote for kemp in the all-star voting. probably not. the fact that kemp is not in the top 3 outfielders in terms of voting is pretty crazy.

here are a couple more youngsters - a 2010 bowman pristine chris withrow
and jerry sands
i was a bit disappointed sands got sent down.  i was looking forward to seeing him in minny, but the way tony gwynn jr played, i guess i can't complain too much.
i'll end the post with a 2011 topps andre ethier toppstown card
i still don't know what the purpose of toppstown cards are, but it's nice to have dre in my collection.

thanks cam!

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