12 July 2011

all-star fever.

i don't think i'll watch the all-star game tonight.  it's just not the same as it was when i was a kid, and not just because i'm old and crotchety.  with so many players backing out, why do they even bother to let the fans vote?

here's a nice card that helps me remember the all-star games of my youth, even though many of them were available to me only through a transistor radio since i was often in the middle of the great plains in mid-july on vacation.  it's a sportscaster card, featuring the 1974 and 1975/1976 nl mvps, along with the 1972 al rookie of the year
it's from the 1977 all-star game played at yankee stadium, and joe morgan has just led off the game with a home run off of jim palmer.  steve garvey is about to strike out, but that's ok - he'll take palmer deep to lead off the third inning and the nl will beat carlton fisk and the al 7-5.  don sutton won mvp honors and all was right with the world.

good luck, nl. 

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