31 July 2011

let's turn two!

it's been a while since i posted a bunch of double play cards.  these cards were once a way for me to appreciate non-dodgers and at the same time, recall the pure joy of turning a double play.  i even wrote a double play themed entry for a local literary workshop that was seeking baseball themed haiku a few years back:

a pitcher's best friend
is not diamond or dog
it's a double play

sadly, there have been so few lately that i have bothered to get excited about.  where have you gone, 1971 topps cookie rojas?  well, this 2010 bowman erick aybar is pretty cool.
i believe that's alex rodriguez sliding in. i'm sure he also tried to slap the ball away or maybe even reached up to punch aybar in the nuts as he was sliding by.

this 2008 upper deck first edition aaron hill is one of those mundane cards i was referring to above
and this 2008 topps damion easley is just about the worst double play card there is
how he can stand there like that after turning two without getting his leg snapped like tsuyoshi nishioka is beyond me.  shame on that yankee (robinson cano?) sliding in.
here's bobby hill on a pretty decent 2003 upper deck 40 man card
not sure why the guy sliding in is blurred out.
angel berroa's 2005 upper deck card is ok
and miggy's 2006 upper deck issue is not bad either
here's a 2001 fleer triple crown card of adam kennedy getting just enough air to clear eric chavez
and here is kennedy on his 2002 fleer ultra card at the point of touchdown.
extra points for a three-point stance using just one foot.
fellow angel gary disarcina gives good dp on his 1999 upper deck card
as does neifi perez
although i am not a fan of seeing just legs of a guy sliding in.  it seems incomplete to me.

finally, scott spiezio delivers what a double play card should on his 1999 upper deck card
airborne, the hapless force out is fully visible, and we even get to see the ball on its way to first to complete the twin killing.  that's more like it.

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