21 July 2011

all that you can't leave behind

do you know what gary sheffield did while he was with the dodgers? 
he got on base (i actually really like that 2000 upper deck card, despite my feelings for sheffield in a dodgers uni).  in each of his 3 full seasons in la, sheffield got on base over 40% of the time.  he also drove in over 100 runs each of those 3 seasons.  his best season as a dodger was 2000, when he went 43/109/.325, but also scored 105 times, walked 101 times, and had an obp of .438.

as for the lads from ireland, u2 released an album in 2000 called 'all that you can't leave behind'.  it struck me as somewhat of a return to their earlier days - not a whole lot of style or weird stuff on this one.  a friend convinced me to buy it a few months after it's october release, and i'm glad i took his advice.

back to sheff.  it's too bad he couldn't leave behind all the baggage that he carried with him.  his request for a contract extension and outspoken discontentment in the spring of 2001 naturally soured the dodgers' front office on him.  i recall that i was just starting to feel comfortable with him wearing dodger blue when his comments about his teammates' contracts came out.  game over gary.  even if it were true about carlos perez, darren dreifort, kevin brown and shawn green, sheffield still had 3 years left on his deal. it took a full year after all of that business for the sherrif to trade sheffield, and i was glad to see him take his baggage with him to atlanta.

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