30 July 2011

zuckered in - garvey cey russell lopes is now on facebook

yup. you can 'like' the page by clickling over there on the right, or you can become a fan of the site on facebook.  or both, i suppose.  jim perry seems happy about it.
i'm not sure what i will do on facebook - all the posting will still be here - but i figured it was time to reach out a little bit.

also, there is a new page on facebook called 'the topps traded 1975 project' that i wanted to more formally follow.  david, the proprietor of the site, had asked me a few weeks ago to create some cards that should have been, and may well have been if topps had issued a traded set in 1975.  the first few cards i made up were some dodgers, such as juan marichal
leron lee
(with tommy lasorda lurking!), charlie 'chuck' manuel
and burt hooton (burt hasn't been featured yet, so i won't post that card yet).

then, prior to the hall of fame weekend, david asked me to create a few more cards (he provided the photos, so most of the credit goes to him.  i just put it in the 1975 topps format and added the autograph).  here's jim rice
and dennis eckersley
the eckersley card is pretty cool, if i don't say so myself, but most of that is because of the photo david found somewhere online.

i also did a gaylord perry card which also hasn't yet been showcased, as well as the jim perry card you see at the top of the post.  for that card, i just used his actual 1975 topps card
and put him in the oakland yellows and greens.  it's not the best, but there are some pretty bad cards in the actual 1975 topps set, too.  the jim perry card that should have been has also made its way to the hardball times, which is pretty cool.

so, if you're on facebook, fan up!  and don't forget to check out the 1975 topps traded cards that should have been!


MrMopar said...

I do like your custom cards. I would like to one day obtain the skills/knowledge as well as the program needed to do them, as I have many ideas and no was to convert those to card images.

I have been filling in the gaps to my Dodger auto collection and there are just too many Dodger players who never had anything but maybe a Target card (and those suck for the most part).

That 75 Marichal is cool, even in it's Topps era appropriate plain design. Perhaps you could work some magic on one of the coolest cards ever, even though accuracy would have to be ignored, Marichal's high kick 74 Topps card - as a Dodger!!

gcrl said...

curt - it's really not that difficult. i use photoshop elements 9 (it was about $60) but you could use something like gimp which is free to get the same results.
that 1974 marichal is a classic. i initially tried to convert an action shot of marichal for his dodger card that should have been, but i got frustrated and went with his 1974 topps traded image instead.
maybe i'll try again at some point. like you, i am not a fan of the image they used on his target card.