02 November 2012

carl erskine through the mail success! again!

6 times i have sent a card (or two) to carl erskine, and 6 times he has signed and returned them.  here are some of the more recent ones that i have received.  this is a 2005 topps all-time fan favorites card
featuring the image topps  used to create oisk's 1953 topps archives card.  it looks better on a 1957 style card, although the painted effect is more 1953-ish.  of course, on the 1953 topps archives card, they didn't bother to give it a painted effect.  topps can sometimes be confusing.

here's his 1959 topps card
this card encourages me to save second base.

here's a 1993 ted williams card
(i'm pretty sure that's number 49 joe black lurking in the background photo) and a 2001 topps 1952 world series highlights insert
oisk did indeed earn the win in game 5, with an 11-inning complete game performance.  of course, he was the losing pitcher in game 2, and he finished up the series for the dodgers, pitching the last two innings of relief in their game 7 loss.

finally, i sent a copy of the 2010 topps dodgers franchise history card to him back when it first came out, with the idea that i would try to get a few brooklyn dodgers to sign it.  as always, he signed and returned it.  i then sent it on to duke snider, not knowing that he had stopped signing due to his illness.  anyway, erskine signed another copy for me
and i later got rocky bridges to add his signature to the card
i haven't tried anyone else, atlhough i've been thinking about going for a couple more.  maybe randy jackson or ed roebuck.  or maybe i'll just let it be.

thanks oisk!

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Stealing Home said...

ur the king of TTM Dodger autos, dude. BRAVO !