15 November 2012

more card blogging in real time

here's another same day 'mailbox to blog' post.  just a few hours ago i opened the mail and now i have made use of the tiny demons that live inside the scanner to upload images onto the interweb.  i picked up three 1956 topps cards recently, two of which were upgrades.  first, the hero of game 7 of the 1955 world series, johnny podres 
this is the podres card that i had before
pretty rough.

the lot also included a 1956 topps pee wee reese card, showing the captain turning two
i wanted a second copy of the card for my double play binder.  i am hoard-ish that way.

the other upgrade card was a 1956 topps don zimmer
way nicer than the one i previously had in my dodger binder.  actually, the beat up copy is still in my dodger binder because i haven't even  bothered to put these cards away yet.  that's how quickly i am bringing them to the blogosphere!

i also received my 1958 topps koufax today.
it's off center, and there is a hashtag mark on the back by the card number, but it was cheap and in good enough condition for me.  i just need sandy's 1956 topps card and i will have run the koufax table.  that is crazy talk, but it's true.  my 8-year old self would never have believed it.

finally, i got another ttm auto back in the mail today.  this one is former royals' catcher john wathan.
i sent this card to wathan on may 5th.  2011.  yes, 18 months!  super unexpected return.  i am very happy when this sort of thing happens.  and thank goodness for 'forever' stamps!

upgrades and sandy and ttm success - not a bad mailday.  who knows what the mail might bring tomorrow?  whatever it is, you might see it tomorrow night.

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