05 November 2012

pictures of men with their hands above their heads, telling lies, and other assorted activities

dennis at pictures of men sent me a really nice trade package recently.  it included some 1971 topps cards that featured dodgers, as well as other teams as i try to complete the set.  a few of the cards sent along  capture the players in the familiar fake windup pose.  here's joe moeller
who doesn't even have a ball in his hand.

bill singer probably doesn't have one either.
i really wish the photographer had waited for the dodger in the background to either become eclipsed by singer or be fully exposed to singer's left.  i hate not knowing who that guy is.  i suppose it could be moeller himself, based on the jacket sleeve, but i will never know for sure.

here's sandy vance striking the pose
in front of some chain link and without pesky lurkers.

this pose was not exclusive to dodger pitchers, as ron reed demonstrates.
although reed goes for the extreme full elbow bend.

moving on, we have twins shortstop leo cardenas using his hands to lie about the size of the northern he almost caught up at mille lacs.
or is he levitating his facsimile autograph?

here's young claude edward lockwood jr - sorry, skip lockwood - on his 1971 topps card.
again, mr. photographer needs to decide - is the guy in the background in or is he out?  or, maybe this is the fault of the guy cropping the photo for the card.  maybe someday, the topps vault will release the original image and i will be able to tell whether or not that is al downing, or, more likely, roberto pena.

here's a nice bernie carbo card to finish off this post.
i'm surprised that topps allowed carbo's facsimile autograph to deface the rookie cup trophy.

thanks dennis!  i will post more cards from your trade package later today!

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