18 November 2012

i'm shaking the stick, but there are just too many double play cards

i am still pulling double play cards from my collection and other sources as i try to set the field for the 'greatest double play card of all-time' tournament.  there are more than i realized.  i picked up these two 1956 topps red sox beauties at a recent card show
the facsimile autographs kind of get in the way, but they are still nice cards that show the turn.

i picked this one up out of a dime box - it's the 2012 topps archives jose oquendo short print
unfortunately for me, there is another photo of oquendo turning two that is used for one of his short print autos in the archives release.  good thing i'm not obsessive about collecting double play cards.  anyway, there's a good chance that we see osborne earl smith in the background there, which is nice.  ozzie is definitely featured on this 1991 score card that came out of the same dime box
and here's another dime box dp - 1990 leaf robby thompson
i didn't find this card, a 1992 leaf preview cal ripken jr
in the dime box, but there were a few of the iron man that i did grab for 10 cents.  this 1992 score card was one of them
as was this 1993 topps stadium club card
and this 1994 upper deck card
that leaf preview a few cards back is interesting as it features the same play but a slightly different photo as ripken's actual 1992 leaf card.

back to the dime box - here's a 1993 upper deck chuck knoblauch
and a 1996 topps stadium club carlos garcia
plus a 2005 fleer ultra michael young
with the last card i picked up being a 2009 topps update and highlights orlando cabrera
that's a lot of turning two, and i'm still finding more in the recesses of my collection and through trades, as well as in dime boxes and vintage bargain bins.


Nick said...

Gotta love the dime box double plays! I actually just found that '94 UD Ripken for a dime at a show yesterday.

Play at the Plate said...

Double plays or not, 1956 cards are the best.