24 November 2012

upper deck in the community

i recently participated in the group break hosted by community gum.  it was an all upper deck break, and i received a decent stack of dodgers for my entry fee.  from 2004 upper deck sweet spot i landed a couple of cards, including this hideo nomo
this was the first time i had seen these cards, so already i am ahead as far as adding new cards to my collection goes.  then, there was this card from 2002 upper deck 40 man - a shawn green numbered relic.
it might be nicer if the card were blue instead of red, but it's a new green relic for me which is pretty surprising given the fact that i used to buy shawn green relics like they were going out of style.  which they weren't as there were seemingly three or four different jersey cards for him in every set issued in the early 2000's.

almost as nice as 40man was 2003 upper deck victory.  it was cheap and featured a good number of dodgers. here's adrian beltre.
looks like he's channeling gary coleman.

i also picked up a rainbow of sorts featuring hideo nomo - base black border
parallel green border,
and a parallel orange border
i wonder how long it has been since i featured a card of odalis perez.  look at his 2006 upper deck first pitch card while i find out.
it's only been five months.  i would have guessed it had been longer.

here's a cool card from 2007 upper deck elements.  it's a rafael furcal card from the petg themed subset.
that's polyethylene terephtalate glycol for all you people wondering.  the card is plastic.

the next cards come from 1999 upper deck vintage.  surprisingly, they didn't rip off a topps design for this set.  here's kevin brown
he's running to catch his contractually provided private jet that has already started to take off without him.

next up, it's steve garvey himself.
it's always nice to get a garvey in a group break or a trade package, for that matter.  but what's even better is getting all four of the infielders
that's the power of a set like 2004 upper deck legends.

thanks for hosting guys!

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