05 November 2012

pictures of men lurking and from foreign lands

here are a few more cards sent to me by dennis at pictures of men.  these first two were the only ones i specifically requested (other than random dodgers, of course).  here's a 2011 topps update sp card of roberto alomar.
he's turning two with omar vizquel hanging out in the background.  and then, we have joe mauer lurking in the foreground of the frank thomas diamond sparkle parallel from the same set
as you might be aware, dennis is a blue jays fan who lives north of the border, but south of me (just slightly).  so, it is no surprise that he included some o-pee-chee goodness in his package.  here's that perennial vedette de la ln, steve garvey
yes, he was quite a premier-but in his day.  i like how o-pee-chee just replaced 'topps' in the little baseball on the front of the 1981 cards, but i really liked that they used their little kids logo on the 1982 cards.  here's garvey au jeu from that set.
they had used that logo previously in 1979.  by the time 1985 rolled around, they were using just stylized text as seen on garvey's card from that year.
i'll end with a card featuring another member of the infield.  this is ron cey's 1983 donruss action all-stars card
i should have used this card in yesterday's post to show cey going to the earflap helmet in 1982 after he was beaned in the 1981 world series.  oh well, it works well here, too as i once again thank dennis for the fantastic package of cards.

thanks dennis!

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