05 November 2012

pictures of men in suits and also clothed in baseball attire

here's another batch of cards sent to me recently from dennis at pictures of men.  first up is one of the many dodger short prints from 2012 topps update.  this one features matt kemp in his street clothes.
it was totally unexpected, and totally appreciated.  i don't know about the rest of you, but i think the all-star game parade/red carpet thing is fairly lame.  having said that, i am interested to see these players being paraded through the warehouse district in minneapolis in 2014.

here's another card featuring a guy in a suit.  it's the angels' 1971 topps team card
based on the dodger team cards, i would guess that the guy in the suit is the traveling secretary.  which, i think, makes that ed munson.

now for men in baseball attire.  here's kemp again on a 2012 topps 206 card
ditto for manny ramirez
although manny didn't get the cool penitentiary in the background.  speaking of backgrounds, there's a nice bit of dodger stadium behind ted lilly on his 2012 bowman (gold) card
which matches up nicely with the background on fernando's 1991 fleer card
yes, even the lone junk wax card in the package has a purpose here.

this is a 2010 bowman chrome (i think) pedro baez card
baez split last season between high-a ball and aa.  not sure if we will see him in the big leagues anytime soon.  as an aside, i am looking forward to some yasiel puig cards from bowman and all of their confusing releases next year.

finally, here's a relic card from 2012 topps allen & ginter featuring chad billingsley
thanks again dennis!  i've got one more post in the hopper - the package was that good!

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Dennis said...

Glad the cards arrived safe & sound and that you dig the cards! It was definitely a fun package to put together!