10 November 2012

on his way to mordor, carlos baerga tried to break up a double play

seriously! look at that thing around baerga's neck as he tries to break up a dp on ray durham's 1995 leaf card.
you can see that the burden of the ring weighs heavily on baerga's neck.

ok, no more lotr references.  just more double play turns, like this on on tom herr's 1988 score card
and these fine examples from 1991 fleer
in all of their yellow glory.

here, we have jose lind on his 1991 fleer ultra card
and now he's here lurking on jay bell's 1992 topps stadium club card
bobby rose is upended on his 1992 leaf card
and felix fermin is essentially type cast - shown making the turn (i assume, since the runner is not visible in the photo) on his 1992 pinnacle card
and his 1991 topps card
note that steve finley (who also tried to break up a dp on lou whitaker's 1991 topps card) has slid in with a cloud of dust and forced fermin to take to the air, while rickey slides somewhat non-aggressively on fermin's 1994 topps card

in contrast, rickey tumbled into bret boone on boone's 1994 upper deck collector's choice card
in what looks to be a spring training game.  there's no telling when or where rickey might strike.

hope you enjoyed (or merely tolerated) these double play turns.

1 comment:

jacobmrley said...

Rickey likes to slide. Rickey thanks you for pointing that out. Plus, Rickey always slides hard, even in the preseason. Arizona never gets Rickey down.