23 November 2012

terry adams 'suttons' and signs

terry adams was the guy that the dodgers got from the cubs in exchange for ismael valdes and eric young prior to the 2000 season.  he had been the cubs' closer in 1999, and while the dodgers had jeff shaw at the back of the bullpen, adams was still a complement to the bullpen even if the main motivation behind the trade was for bob daly and the fox owned dodgers to dump salary.

the cool thing to me looking at it now is that we got this fantastic 2002 fleer tradition card of adams 'suttoning'!
he signed two copies of the card for me through the mail a couple of years ago.
actually, adams did pitch pretty well for the dodgers in 2000.  he appeared in 66 games (all in relief) and had a record of 6-9 with 2 saves and a 3.52 era.  here's his 2000 fleer tradition card, also signed, and featuring the o-pee-chee-ish 'traded' text
and here's his 2000 fleer tradition update card as well.
adams also signed his 2000 upper deck card for me
unfortunately, adams didn't have any major manufacturer cards in 2001 - just a couple of dodger sga cards and an mlb showdown issue.  setup guys didn't get much love from card companies back then.  speaking of 2001, adams started out once again as a reliever, but with injuries knocking kevin brown (and later darren dreifort) out of the rotation, jim tracy asked him to start.  adams wound up making 22 starts and was 10-6 in that role, and as a result of his performance, he returned to the major label sets in 2002.  here's his 2002 upper deck card that he signed for me
topps didn't issue a card for him until series 2, and by that time they were able to feature him as a phillie, as adams had parlayed his successful 2001 campaign into a free agent deal with philadelphia.

thanks terry, for signing my cards!

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unclemoe said...

I still love those 02 Traditions. Good stuff.