17 November 2012

many minis

i didn't bother with the mini leader cards that topps put out in the late 1980's and into the 90's when they first came out, but i have picked up a few in trades over the past few years and i now appreciate them for what they are: cards featuring dodgers!

i took advantage of an opportunity to add more of them to my collection recently.  i was able to acquire the 1990 eddie murray
i like the fact that the design of this card is in line with the 1990 flagship issue, but it's not a exact copy duplication.  plus, the photo is different.  in case you are wondering, murray ranked fifth in walks in 1989 - that's the leader stat on the back.

orel hershiser was also featured in the 1990 mini leaders set
and not because he led the league in losses.

here's some from 1986.  these i don't like as much because the design is more along the lines of the team leader subset in 1986 topps, rather than the base design itself.

orel hershiser
was 3rd in era, 3rd in shutouts, and 5th in wins in 1985.

mike scioscia
was 2nd in on-base percentage, and fernando valenzuela
was 2nd in complete games, 3rd in shutouts, and 4th in strikeouts

on to 1987.  again, the design is similar but not exactly the same as the flagship set.  it's obviously a companion set and not just a miniature duplication.  i appreciate that.

mariano duncan
was 4th in stolen bases, while steve sax
was 2nd in batting average, 2nd in hits, and 3rd in on-base percentage.  meanwhile, fernando
was 1st in wins, 1st in complete games, 2nd in strikeouts, and 3rd in strikeouts.  he was also 2nd in innings pitched according to the text on the back.

1988 is the worst of the bunch, in my opinion.  the design has nothing to do with the flagship set, and looks too much like the 1986 minis.  i'll keep them anyway.

pedro guerrero
was 2nd in batting average, 2nd in hits, and 5th in on-base percentage in 1985.  bob welch
was 3rd in strikeouts and 5th in wins, and the card also mentions that he tied for first in shutouts and was in the top 10 in a few other categories.  my favorite part of the card is the union 76 sign peeking through.

the 1989 minis incorporated the flagship design, but again were different enough to be interesting.  orel hershiser is back, of course,
as he was 2nd in the majors in wins, 1st in complete games, 3rd in innings pitched, and 1st in shutouts in 1988.

steve sax
was 4th in hits and 1st in at bats

all cards here were provided courtesy of the chronicles of fuji.
duh.  thanks mark!

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Fuji said...

It's a few months late... but I'm glad the cards arrived safely.