12 November 2012

i gave myself a break

this was the third weekend in a row with a card show in town.  i went to the first two, but sat this one out.  at the first show, i picked up that 1955 topps sandy koufax, and at the next one i got mostly some odds and ends.  a few needs like this 1956 topps carl furillo card
and this 1955 bowman erv palica
but mostly dime box stuff like double plays and cards featuring dodger stadium.  here's chavez ravine providing the backdrop on luis gonzalez's 1993 upper deck sp card
fellow astro ken oberkfell gets a dodger stadium backdrop on his 1990 leaf card as well.
the astros' unis look nice in dodger stadium.

here's orel hershiser with pretty much the same background as oberkfell
while darryl strawberry's 1993 ud sp card gives us a glimpse of the visitor dugout and camera well
on garret anderson's 2000 pacific crown collection card
we see a bit more of the dugout, and ga continues to give us a tour of the stadium on his 2000 pacific omega card
it's blurry, but we get the third base side camera well and a bit of the field level scoreboard.  then, mr. anderson shows us the multi-colored levels of seating behind home plate on his 1998 fleer tradition card
while david segui is enjoying a cold beverage on the visitor's dugout step on his 1998 fleer tradition card.
i picked up a couple of phillies in dodger stadium, too.  here's pat the bat on a 2001 upper deck rookie roundup card
and vance worley on a 2012 bowman card
it doesn't look like the phillies drew a crowd for either game.  finally, i picked up another copy of the 2011 topps heritage news flashback card featuring dodger stadium
i figured i would show the back this time, if for no other reason than to show that the cartoon makes no sense.
i'm glad i passed on the show this past weekend.  the next one is only three weeks away and i have a lot of cards to put away, package up, and cross off of lists before i head out to another show.

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night owl said...

Uh ... I've got a show ... in January .... if it doesn't snow.