13 November 2012

there were no hello kitty fleece blanket giveaways in 1971, that's for sure

the dodgers released their 2013 promotional schedule earlier this month.  plenty of bobbleheads and other stuff going on and being given away at the ravine next year.  plus, the return of the old-timers game!  i went to one of those in the late 1970's and remember seeing hank aaron in right field for the opposition and jim campanis leading the charge for the dodger retirees.

i also remember attending over the years on helmet day, poncho day, camera day (you didn't get a camera - you were allowed on the field with your camera to take pictures of the players), baseball card night, and we even went to the hollywood stars night once.  some of those events are still around, although there are no cards on the giveaway docket unfortunately.

for a comparison, take a look at the promotions back in 1971 
not quite as extensive a list as we have these days.

that, of course, is the back of the 1971 ticketron dodgers 'cards'.  here's the front of that particular one, it's bill russell
too bad there's no black batting glove giveaway.


Jeff Wilk said...

Batting helmet day - best giveaway ever in my book.

Joe Average Card Collector said...

I know it isn't a giveawy, but I always love half price beer nights and 50 cent hot dogs!

Stealing Home said...

yeh - i used to love old-timers and hollywood stars nights.

as a kid, i got a batting helmet!
i remember batting gloves nights also.
it was a tough call because you wanted to wear those Dodger gloves, but the older guys would think it's for little kids. i wore 'em!

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