07 November 2012

some bronx cheer

yankee fans get all the love from card companies, and this year tristar decided to pander to them with a special version of their signa cuts line.  2012 tristar signa cuts bronx edition features the same butchered autographed cards that we know and love, but is limited to players and field staff that wore the yankee pinstripes at one time or another.

i couldn't resist picking this one up, for obvious reasons.  it's tommy john, and that's a copy of his 1978 topps card embedded in the slab.
this may be the only card in history to mention the ulnar collateral ligament on the front.  good stuff.

john was a yankee double dipper, pitching for them on two separate occasions.  of course, the card doesn't actually mention the yankees, just 'new york al'.  he actually spent more time, and won more games, as a yankee than he did as a dodger or white sock, although he probably would have won more games as a dodger had he not missed a season and a half due to his injury.

he dominated the dodgers in the 1981 world series which was tough to take, but thankfully he was lifted for a pinch hitter early in game 6 of the series and the dodgers didn't have to face him anymore.

anyway, the card is more of a dodger card than a yankee card to me, so i'm happy to have it.  i'll keep my eye open for a johnny oates or a rick rhoden version, too.


AdamE said...

I picked up a Bronx Edition Virdon for my Player Collection. Only problem is there are so many different serial numbers in this set. Each card has serial numbers /25, /10, /5, 1/1.

night owl said...

That ain't no card.

Jason AKA Joe Average Card Collector said...

cool card, but I don't get it, if you cut up your topps card it is worthless, until you put cardboard around it.

MrMopar said...

Still ranks up there as one of the worst, if not THE worst card designs ever!! sadly that doesn't stop me from trying to get as many different Garvey cards as I can, but only if they are reasonable. A 1/1 dual with fernando is up now for $140 and it is absolute garbage!! I would be hard pressed to pay half that for it, but the seller is inflexible apparently.