06 November 2012

let's have a vote - which drysdale from the 1960's is dandiest?

i am straight up stealing this concept from night owl, i know.  but, since i recently finished off my 1960's dodger team sets, i figured i would celebrate with a run through the decade with one of the more prominent players.

the 1960's set up nicely for don drysdale, as we get a full 10 cards from which to choose, starting with his 1960 topps card
it's horizontal, it's got two photos, and it's got good hair.  i like how the hatless big d is admiring his black and white self.

here's 1961 topps
young looking don with a squat hat.  simple, yet elegant.

1962 topps
methinks we have seen that photo before.

1963 topps
so far, don really likes looking to his right.  here, he seems unaware that a black and white version of himself is down and to the left.  this photo reminds me of the 1957 set thanks to the stadium and the ads in the background.

1964 topps
another photo reused.  i feel slightly cheated.

1965 topps
he's looking at the camera! or at least in its general direction! and he's smiling.  none of the 'bob gibson intimidates me' look on this card.

1966 topps
now he's back looking to his right.

1967 topps
more right lookin'.  does the facsimile autograph enhance the card?

1968 topps
i should probably look to upgrade this card.  and, for the first time ever, we have two consecutive years in which topps gave us proof that drysdale had hands.

1969 topps
his last card, unfortunately.

so, there you have it. a trip through the 60's with don drysdale.  now, which one is your favorite?  sound off in the comments because i haven't figured out how to add a poll widget yet.  and don't forget to vote in that other thing going on today.


The Angels In Order said...

Nothing compares to that 1960 Topps design or that bitchen dew!

night owl said...

There is only one card there that you will see in the Greatest Dodger Cards Ever Countdown, and that is the 1961 Drysdale.


Stay tuned to the countdown, idea borrower! :)

Nick said...

I have to go with the '63 Drysdale. That's a card I'd love to own someday.

MrMopar said...

The set design really drives my favorites, since none of the photos are all that appealing. My favorite 60s set is probably the simple 61 design. However, I do like the 67 set as well and that is the closest thing to an action shot you get for Drysdale. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the 69 Drysdale though. 3 way tie...61-67-69!!

Matthew R said...

1960, with 1967 a close second.