04 November 2012

them's the breaks. and the earflaps.

i've booked a spot in a few group breaks recently, including one hosted by the daily dimwit.  he busted a box of 2002 fleer greats of the game, and i came away with almost a complete dodger team set.
that's campy, wills, drysdale, jackie, cey, hodges, garvey, roe and the duke.  the only other dodger featured in the set that didn't come my way in this break is hack wilson.  i'm pretty sure i have a hack from this set lying around.

let's take a closer look at steve garvey's card from the set
i can't say that i recall him wearing the double-earflap helmets, but there are a number of photos around (like the one on this card) showing him thusly adorned.  it seems so little league-ish for a non-switch hitter.

and then there is ron cey, who famously went earflap-less
at least until he was beaned in the head by goose gossage in 1981.  then he saw the light and went with the single earflap.
also wearing earflaps on their helmets are gary sheffield and adrian beltre, who, along with kevin brown and chan ho park were part of my haul from the 2001 playoff absolute memorabilia box included in the break
the big hit of the break was an expired redemption card for dodger prospect carlos garcia
i tried to find an image of the redeemed card, but came up with no results.  oh what might have been, back in 2001.

thanks to the dimwit for hosting the break!

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