14 November 2012

posting in real time

from the mailbox to the blog in about 3 hours - that's a first for me.  usually cards i receive in trades take a lot longer to make it into a published post.  in fact, there are some trades that i have yet to acknowledge here - cards from which have been sitting in my scan folder waiting for their time to shine - and yet i am posting about stuff that just arrived today?  not cool.  actually, yes cool.

i received two cards from captain canuck today.  and, knowing how much of a chore it must be for the captain to slog across the frozen prairie to get to the post office, i figured that the least i could do was post about the stuff he sent.  plus, i want him to know that when i send him stuff in return, i will include the stamps he used because neither the canadian post office or the us postal service bothered to cancel them.  that's nafta!  

ok, enough of that.  how about the cards?  the first card is a 2005 donruss zenith sandy koufax promo card, and it measures about 8x10 (suitable for framing, but not wrapping fish).
it's shiny and tron-ish and koufax-y and large and it's no wonder that it is only a promo.  the other card was from 2001 topps heritage, and it features jackie robinson and alex rodriguez.
just like john cocktoaston's parents - that's an odd combination.  apparently they were both fourth in runs scored (in 1952 and 2000, respectively) or some such nonsense.  don't get me wrong - i like seeing that same old photo of jackie robinson - but this card seems like a stretch.  especially since they weren't even playing the same position.  maybe pee wee would have been better?

i also got a ttm return today.  i haven't sent too many out lately, but i have four or five out that i expect to get back at some point.  the one i received today is john montague's 1978 topps card
montague was the first relief pitcher in the history of the seattle mariners.  he pitched 5.1 innings in relief of starter diego segui in their inaugural game, and then picked up first save in team history a few days later.  i remember him better as a member of the 1979 california angels, however.

cool stuff.  thanks brian and john!

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Captain Canuck said...

love the Fletch reference!