11 December 2009

more joe collector group break cards

since he's already done the december box breaks, i should probably post the stuff i got from the october and november 'i am joe collector' events.

here's a 2008 upper deck premier chris carpenter auto

1 of 25. carpenter was the sotd in my fantasy league last year. i took him in the 11th round. i was pleased with myself.

2008 donruss playoff prime cuts shooter hunt what a name. a first rounder, but he hasn't pitched too well so far. a lot of walks.

here's a guy who has pitched better, 2009 topps chrome brian duensing auto duensing was a bit surprising after he got called up, but he certainly earned his stripes down the stretch. too bad he was hit around a bit in the alds, although it was the next guy who relieved him and allowed an inherited runner to score on matsui's homerun

yes, it's francisco liriano on his 2009 upper deck goodwin champions cardcan't wait to see which liriano shows up in 2010.

back to 2009 topps chrome, here's the al mvp joe mauer mvp! mvp! he should be under contract very soon if the twins have any smarts about them.

2009 upper deck goodwin champions justin morneau the twins' other recent mvp. here, morneau ponders baseball in a post-apocalyptic world. must be january 2013.

finally, tony o on a 2006 upper deck sp legendary cuts card i am really looking forward to receiving the december goodies - there was a dodgers sweet spot bonanza!

thanks jeff!

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madding said...

Love the Carp auto.