27 December 2009

even more dodger stadium shots!

the latest installment features a couple of cards showing the low railing and the yellow field seats behind first base (1990 upper deck larry walker) and down in the right field corner (1991 upper deck orlando merced)as well as the left field pavilion (1988 fleer david green)
with a shot of the 'diamond vision' screen (1990 topps jeff wetherby).i am running on faith with the next card - faith that the photo used was taken in the game mentioned on the card. it's a 1967 topps world series game 1 card featuring moe drabowsky
and it features the dodger stadium pitching mound, if my trust in topps is well placed.

the last one is a no-brainer - it's a 1967 topps world series game 2 card featuring jim palmer and the very top of the field level scoreboard.so what if the dodgers were shut out - at least we got a card featuring the stadium.

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