21 December 2009

let's play what's the connection?

who can tell me why maury wills and john knox are sharing the spotlight on this 1975 sspc card? furthermore, why is maury wearing a trenchcoat? and why does he have that 'mr. glass' look about him?


Mark's Ephemera said...

I don't know the answers to your questions. I want to know where their hands are. Or maybe I don't.

Ken said...

LOL Mr. Glass. Nice call.

Is there really a connection these two have? The only thing I can guess is they both finished their careers with an OPS around .650.

Does the fact that Knox never again played major league baseball after 1975 have anything to do with whatever plan they were hatching together that fateful day?

Eric said...
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Doc said...

NBC Game of the Week? Wasn't Wills a "on the field guy" during the early 70s?