14 December 2009

obak heaven (or is it iowa?)

mario at (the now defunct) wax heaven sent me a bunch of tristar obak a while ago in return for a slew of luis polonia cards. here's a small sampling:
and i do mean small.

nolan ryan minithere was another ryan mini included that was identical to this one, except it said 'll' next to jacksonville. that's the type of variation i can do without. jacksonville was also a dodger affiliate not too long ago.

stan musial
this one is numbered to 50, but it has the rumble strip defect.

gene conley auto
numbered 13/200

and a lonnie chisenhall autonumbered 20/50

mario also included a printing plate from that upper deck 20th anniversary thingnot too bad for luis polonia.

now, i am not a collector of minor league teams or players, so if you have any interest in any of the cards shown, or if you need others, please let me know. there were about 20 different minis included in the package.

thanks mario!


zman40 said...

Did you happen to get an Al Rosen card?

dayf said...

I already have a big pile of Dodgers waiting to be mailed out to you, and I have coveted that Conley card since I first saw it, so I've gotta make an offer.


Maury for Conley and any minis you can spare. I'll even throw in a Paul LoDuca Topps 2003 All-Star jersey for the hell of it.

gcrl said...

sorry zach - no al rosen

dayf - well, you twisted my arm. i will add the conley to the stack i have that's just about ready to go for you. i'll add some minis too.

dayf said...

I love it when a plan comes together.