18 December 2009

team collector dilemma, part 5 - ed goodson and the vague-acity of sspc

while considered a 1975 set, i believe these sspc cards were issued in 1976. plenty of time for the big trade between the dodgers and the braves to be incorporated into the text. but, without any team affiliation on the front, these cards pose a dilemma to team collectors.

is dusty baker a brave?or a dodger? is the toy cannon part of the dodger team set?
or should he be counted as a brave?
same for tom paciorek, who looks like a dodger to me
but is listed as a brave
just for good measure, lee lacy is also shown in his dodger uniform with the braves affiliation on the back. now, these cards are easy for me. i actually consider them all to be dodgers. dodger uniform or team affiliation on the back works for me, and i would suspect that braves collectors would also lay claim to each of these cards.

things get a little more unclear with this next card, though. johngy recently sent it to me from my want list - it's ed goodson.now, why did i want this card? clearly goodson is wearing a san francisco giants uniform, right? well, yes he is, even though he played for the braves the last half of the 1975 season. on the back, though, he gets the same dodger treatment as johnnie b.so i guess the question is this - do braves fans care about this card? how about giants fans? or dodger fans, for that matter?


Paul said...

I assume SSPC didn't have team checklists? If it did, I'd count anybody on the team checklist, and I'd add anybody that was clearly pictured as a member of my team even if they weren't listed.

No checklists? Then I'm just going by the photo on the front.

Ed Goodson would get counted as a Dodger, since there is no visible Giants logo.

Laurens said...

There might not be an official team checklist card, but putting together by team affiliations and it seemed like the players identified as Dodgers on the back of the cards [regardless of the image used for the card] naturally qualify as Dodgers.