31 December 2009

whither nomar? the cards that should have been!

as happy as i was to have my favorite non-dodger player join the dodgers, i was equally as unhappy when nomar decided not to allow topps to produce cards bearing his likeness after 2006. as a collector of dodger topps flagship sets, i was disappointed to say the least.

here then, are the nomar garciaparra dodger cards that should have been. starting with 2007 topps.the home whites look nice with the black borders. yes, that does say 'nomar garciaparra'. and if you think the foil name looks bad here, wait until you see the 2009 card.

here's the 2008 card i guess in pregame the red wristband is closer to his wrist. once the game starts, though, it gets pushed to his elbow.

finally, 2009 topps. a double play! again, his name is spelled out, but the foil just doesn't come through in the scans.

i'm not sure whether nomar is going to play in 2010, but i hope he does just so there is a chance for more cards. even if they're not topps.


shanediaz82 said...

That 07 Topps is impressive, nice work!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I have been meaning to write a post about this for awhile. It's a shame Nomar didn't have any of those Topps cards. He is my all-time favorite player so I was pretty pissed to find I couldn't chase down Topps cards of his anymore. Check out my blog http://oncardautos.wordpress.com/ As I am currently in the middle of the 26 Days of Nomar. It's great to know that there are others who like Nomar too.