17 December 2009

mo vaughn was perfect

on his 2001 topps stadium club card, anyway.this is one of my favorite cards. i am a sucker for the photo from behind the player - it has a sort of retrospective quality. plus, in this case, you get to see the field rather than people in the stands. here we get a view of the renovated angels stadium. i had moved out of orange county before the renovations were completed, so i wasn't too familiar with the 'disney-fied' area beyond center field. then there is the moment of contact that is captured, in all its glorious potential. most of all, though, i love that he wore 42 in honor of jackie, and that the number is so prominent on this card. it's perfect.

i also like this 1999 upper deck retro vaughn card although i wouldn't say it's one of my favorites. i like it because you can see the gene autry uniform patch the players wore after the singing cowboy passed away. i really wish the angels could have made it happen in 79, 82 or 86 for mr. autry.

here's to you mo!

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RWH said...

Mo, Angel and perfection. Three words I don't think I've ever seen together.